How to Start an Investment Fund in Seychelles

Updated on Wednesday 20th December 2017

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How to Start an Investment Fund in Seychelles Image
Foreign businessmen can set up a wide range of investment funds in Seychelles, a country which offers an attractive investment legislation. Amongst the types of vehicles that can be set up here, foreign businessmen can opt of a mutual fund or for a hedge fund startup, vehicles which are incorporated following the regulations of the Seychelles Mutual Fund & Hedge Fund Act

Mutual funds in Seychelles 

Mutual funds are incorporated by a large number of investors who pool their assets into investment strategies that should provide a high return on investment, while at the same time the risks associated with these procedures are divided amongst the fund’s participants

One of the main procedures on how to start a fund in Seychelles refers to choosing a legal entity under which the fund will operate. Customarily, most of the funds in Seychelles are registered as an international business company (IBC), registered with the local authorities as prescribed by the International Business Companies Act 1994

Most of the funds in Seychelles are incorporated as IBCs as the time frame related to the registration is very short (1-2 working days). 

The procedure on how to start an investment fund in Seychelles requires the investors to appoint a licensed fund administrator, who received the authorization from the local institutions or who was authorized by a foreign administrator. 

The incorporation requirements can vary depending on the type of fund chosen by the investors. For example, in the case of a private fund, there are no minimum or maximum capital requirements, while the case of a professional fund, each investor will need to pool at least $100,000

Registration with Seychelles authorities 

In the case of an investment fund that is registered here through an international business company, it is necessary to register with specific local institutions. In this case, the company has to be registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the main regulator of investment companies and investment funds. Foreign businessmen can contact our team of affiliates in Seychelles for more details on the procedure of registering an investment vehicle on the local market.