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Launch an ICO in Netherlands

  image   December 3, 2018

Initial coin offering (ICO) in Netherlands is seen as a more competitive way to raise capital for startup companies, through the issuance of cryptocurrencies.

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Open Your Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund in Netherlands

  image   January 29, 2018

An increasing number of businessmen have started investing in cryptocurrency hedge funds in top investment jurisdictions, including the Netherlands.

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Start an Open-End Fund in the Netherlands

  image   October 19, 2017

Through an open-end fund in the Netherlands, the investors will be allowed to issue an unlimited amount of shares.

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Open a Closed-Ended Fund in the Netherlands

  image   July 3, 2017

Closed-ended funds in the Netherlands are regulated under the rules of the Directive 2003/71/EC.

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Mutual Funds in the Netherlands

  image   June 27, 2017

A mutual fund in the Netherlands represents a type a vehicle with a long tradition on the local market.

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Dutch Investment Company with Variable Capital

  image   June 19, 2017

Foreign investors interested in investing in the Netherlands may set up an investment fund or an investment company.

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Start a Fund for Joint Account (FGR) in the Netherlands

  image   June 4, 2017

Foreign investors interested in how to start a fund in the Netherlands can invest here by opening a fund for joint account.

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Why Start a Fund in the Netherlands?

  image   May 31, 2017

The Netherlands ranks as one of the top destinations for investment purposes.

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Types of Investment Funds in the Netherlands

  image   May 30, 2017

The legislation referring to the investment vehicles which can be set up in the Netherlands stipulates that that such structures can be registered as investment funds or investment companies.

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How to Start a Hedge Fund in Netherlands

  image   April 10, 2017

Foreign investors can open various types of investment funds in Netherlands, including hedge funds.

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