Most Attractive Countries for Opening Investment Funds

Updated on Wednesday 08th November 2017

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Although each country can offer an attractive investment field, there are certain jurisdictions which provide the best conditions for starting a hedge fund or another type of investment vehicle. Their ranking is directly linked to various characteristics, which can be related to the wide range of the investment funds that can be set up following the applicable legislation, the taxation regime, the investment incentives available for foreign investors or the ease of fund domiciliation

1.    Luxembourg  

Luxembourg is the top investment destination at a European level. Luxembourg’s economy is mainly based on financial services and investors interested in how to start a fund can choose from a wide range on investment vehicles, addressed to all types of investors. 

The first investment fund in Luxembourg was registered in 1959, being the first European country to establish an investment structure

The video below offers more details on the top jurisdictions for opening investment funds:


2.    Netherlands

The legislative framework applicable to investment funds in Netherlands is structured on regulations for UCITS and AIFs. The legislation in the Netherlands follows the directives of the European Union (EU), as the jurisdiction is a member state of the Community. The Dutch state also implemented the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, which regulates the registration and activity of hedge fund startups and other similar investment vehicles


3.    Ireland 

Although traditionally speaking, Ireland was not the main destination for investment purposes, the measures taken throughout the years by the local authorities have turned the country in one of the leading financial centers in Europe. Investors who are interested in hedge fund startups are advised to choose Ireland as their investment destination as, at the moment, the country is one of the main hedge fund sources across Europe. 


4.    Cyprus 


In Cyprus, foreign businessmen can set up investment funds under the regulations referring to alternative investment funds (AIFs) and undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS). 

The AIF can be registered under one of the following legal structures: 

•    fixed capital company;
•    variable capital company;
•    limited partnership;
•    common fund.


5.    Panama 

Investors interested in how to start a fund can choose Panama as their fund domicilation due to its favourable tax regime. The top investment fields available in Panama are the following:

•    financial sector;
•    tourism industry;
•    real estate industry. 

Panama provides a solid legal framework, as well as numerous tax exemptions. 

6.    Seychelles 

One of the main reasons for starting an investment fund in Seychelles refers to the fact that the country is one of the fastest developing economies at a global level. Just as Panama, Seychelles is recognized for its solid banking industry. At the same time, it represents an attractive jurisdiction for the registration of off-shore businesses. It is important to know that Seychelles applies the regulations prescribed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

7.    Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a top destination for business purposes in Asia, providing numerous tax advantages for foreign businessmen. Investors interested in hedge funds startups in this country should know that the local economy is also represented by banking activities and off-shore companies. Funds related to the banking industry in Hong Kong are allowed to perform business activities in numerous currencies and it is necessary to mention that investors will be exempted from paying the taxes on capital gains, dividends or on the profits obtained from overseas trading. 

8.    Singapore 

Another top destination for investment purposes is Singapore, where foreign investors can benefit from the most attractive conditions for private wealth management services. It is necessary to mention that this sector is estimated to grow by 2020, becoming the world leading jurisdiction. At the same time, it also represents a top destination for infrastructure investments
Businessmen can discover more details on the above mentioned countries, as well as on other top investment destinations, from our team of affiliates. Please contact us if you need assistance in setting up an investment fund in any of these jurisdictions. We will put you in contact with our local affiliates who will handle the entire procedure.




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