A Guide on Starting a Hedge Fund

Updated on Tuesday 11th July 2017

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There are numerous reasons why foreign investors are interested in hedge fund startups. Hedge funds managers can carry out multiple investment strategies, which can yield the highest return on investment. However, in order to start a successful hedge fund, the businessmen will need to establish a reliable business plan, clearly presenting their strategies. 


1.    Choose the appropiate team

A succesful hedge fund will carry its operations through the team that will represent it. For this, the investors will need to search for the most suitable candidates to complete various financial tasks. In this sense, the hedge fund will need the following: 

•    junior analysts;
•    junior traders;
•    a chief financial officer.

More details on the registration of a hedge fund are available in the video below: 


2.    Choose a suitable business name 

Those interested in how to start a hedge fund will need to register the vehicle under a designated business form. The company’s statutory documents will also require an official business name and it is advisable to choose an appropriate form that will highlight the professional outlook of the company. In this sense, words such as ‘’group”, “asset management” or “partners” are strongly recommended. 

3.    Pool the necessary capital 

Starting a hedge fund will require a considerable initial capital, depending on the country in which the fund is registered. For example, the regulations available in Netherlands can be different than the ones available in Luxembourg or in another jurisdictions presented in our magazine

4.    Learn the legal requirements for hedge funds

Depending on the country in which the hedge fund will be registered, the investors will have to comply with a set of regulations. T give an example, in Cyprus, the hedge fund market is regulated by five different rules of law, amongst we mention the Investment Service Law or the International Collective Investment Schemes law

5.    Hire a team of specialists 

Businessmen interested in how to start a fund are strongly advised to receive legal and financial assistance during the incorporation procedures. 

We invite you to study on a regular manner our online magazine to find out further information on how to start an investment fund in one of the most important jurisdictions, so that you can make an informed decision on this matter. Our partners can help investors with solid information on the financial legislation applicable in their preferred jurisdiction. 



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