A Guide on Mutual Funds

Updated on Monday 26th November 2018

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A mutual fund is a type of investment vehicle in which the investors pool their financial assets in order to perform investment strategies that will provide a high return on investment. In a mutual fund, the investors will generally invest in stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other similar financial assets. Investors interested in setting up an investment fund as a mutual vehicle will need to appoint a manager, who will be in charge with investing the fund’s capital. Below, investors can read more details on the main characteristics of a solid mutual fund

1. Fund management team  

Businessmen interested in how to start a fund must know that one of the most important characteristics of the mutual fund refers to the fund management team or, depeding on the case, the fund manager. As mentioned above, the fund manager is responsible for performing investment strategies that will always have a direct impact on the fund itself. 

2. A clear investment stategy  

Regardless if the vehicle is incorporated as a hedge fund startup or as a mutual fund, the investment strategy is a vital instrument when performing investments in a specific jurisdiction. The most well-reputed mutual funds have grown over the years due to the investment stategies chosen by the fund’s investors
In this sense, it is necessary to establish an investment stategy and business goals, depending on the characteristics of the market in which the fund operates. 

3. Low expenses when setting up an investment fund as a mutual fund

One of the top traits of a successful mutual fund aims at the value of the expenses carried out through the respective fund. It is important to know that several studies have shown that the investment funds which had a lower value of expenses had better financial results than in the case of the funds in which the expeses were higher. At the same time, low expenses have a positive impact on the fund on the long run. 
Also, it is recommended to hold a large value of assets, but the value of the assets should generally be kept below $ 1 billion, as from this level, it may be more difficult to perform solid management strategies. 
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