Updated on Wednesday 03rd May 2017

Open a SICAR in Luxembourg

 image June 26, 2017

The investment company in risk capital (SICAR) in Luxembourg may be established under the regulations of the Law of 15 June 2004.

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Create a SIF in Luxembourg

 image May 27, 2017

With a stable economy and an attractive taxation system, Luxembourg became the top European market for the registration of an investment fund.

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Open a SPF in Luxembourg

 image May 26, 2017

Luxembourg is the top European jurisdiction for investment purposes and the first country in which an investment fund was registered.

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Types of Investment Funds in Luxembourg

 image May 19, 2017

Luxembourg is the top investment destination for foreign businessmen interested in performing investment activities in Europe.

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How to Start a Hedge Fund in Luxembourg

 image May 3, 2017

Luxembourg is the top destination for investment purposes at a European level.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Fund in Luxembourg

 image April 13, 2017

Luxembourg is a top investment destination, at both international and European levels.

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